WHO IS iPlayTek?

iPlayTek is an innovative STEM learning center, focused on enhancing your child’s education in the most fun ways possible. Our programs are centered on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and incorporate art, design, music and sport.


iPlayTek was founded by Rosa Barney, a Forest Hills resident with the intention of helping children to grow, develop and get the most out of life and their education. Rosa’s own children have a learning disability known as Childhood of Apraxia (CAS) and so Rosa knows firsthand that finding a balance between fun and education can be difficult. This personal experience and desire to help others led to Rosa creating iPlayTek, a place where kids can get an early head start on their learning as well as social and creative development.


At iPlayTek, it is our aim to enhance your child’s education. We offer interactive programs led by expert instructors who love what they do and are passionate about helping kids thrive. We take an interactive and hands-on approach that is so much fun kids don’t notice they’re learning. We use real-world tools and closely follow the current curriculum to equip kids with fundamentals, varied knowledge and skills they can apply to their education and day-to-day lives. We focus on STEM education to provide each student with the opportunity to succeed in today’s technology-driven world, as well as the confidence to follow their dreams.

Ultimately, we strive to empower each and every student to become tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.
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