Foster a love for music and creativity in your child from a young age. file (6)music classes start with babies from 10 months old, and have been designed by experts to enhance learning and development.


    In our baby music classes, we’ll give your baby early exposure to pitch, beat, tempo and rhythm, allowing them to develop a musical ear and love for music. Additional benefits of learning music so young include enhanced memory and language development.


    As your child gets older, we’ll introduce age-appropriate instruments, songs from different cultures and genres, and various games and activities. Our classes are purposefully structured to aid learning and development with the exact right amount of fun. Throughout these classes we encourage critical listening, group participation and instrument play to ensure that your child is developing skills that go beyond music. These skills include:


  • Collaboration
  • Social skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Increased memory and language development



      Cost:$99 Per Month and comes with unlimited open play according to schedule.

    Music 1 – for babies aged 12 – 23 months.
    Music 2 – for toddlers aged 24 – 35 months.
    Music 3 – for children aged 3-5 yrs old.



Class Time: 50 minutes 

Max Class size: 12 


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